Advance Forward Tech - Hardware Services

Hardware Installation, Repair and Configuration

Does your small business need a small network installed or repaired? Our certified technicians will get the job done right within your budget. Don't be fooled by big box stores promising quick fixes. Big box stores generally do not hire technicians that are experts in the field much less understand small business needs. Since Advance Forward Tech was founded by small business owners, we uniquely understand your needs. We can provide new network installations and troubleshoot existing installations and configurations to keep your business flowing. We also provide services to switch your phone system to Voice over IP(VOIP), saving you money each month. We also provide malware and virus removal. We are vendor agnostic allowing us to give you the best advice for your technical needs. All work performed is by US Veterans!

Want to get into the "cloud"? Advance Forward Tech will assist you in getting your business on the cloud platform, saving you money over on-premise servers. This also allows you to work in multiple locations(even from home) when you may not be able to get to the office. Moving to the cloud also ensures your business remains available to customers and will not lose data due to a catastrophe at your location.

Some of the services we offer, if a service is not listed, give us a call to see if we can help!

  • Network installation, configuration and repairs.
  • Computer virus removal and malware removal and prevention.
  • Hardware installation and configuration.
  • Point Of Sale(POS) hardware installation and configuration.
  • Router configuration and performance.
  • Cloud and server configuration and monitoring.
  • Desktop computer installation and configuration.
  • Database server installation, configuration and back up solutions.

Why choose Advance Forward Tech?

As a veteran operated business, we pride ourselves in the quality of our work. We are specialists within the small business scope. Having grown from a small business, we are uniquely positioned to understand your needs and challenges. With over 25 years of REAL WORLD hardware experience, we can get the job done right and on time. Our technicians are certified by Microsoft and other leading technology companies. We are a Microsoft Partner and work with many other vendors.

Frequently Asked Questions