Remember the Target breach a few years back? The customers affected sure do. Were you aware that the breach was found to originated from a small business that was compromised?

This company had no idea that they had been infected and compromised. This further allowed the "hackers" to access Target's servers and make sweeping changes to the credit card terminals. That is not to say that the small business is specifically to blame since Target should have segmented the access better. The small business could have done routine checks since they were accessing customers servers. As a note, I am deliberately leaving out the name of the small business. They received enough bad press and we do not want to hurt small business.

Our data connection with Target was exclusively for electronic billing, contract submission and project management, and Target is the only customer for whom we manage these processes on a remote basis. No other customers have been affected by the breach.

-Small Business that was compromised.

The quote above shows that it only takes one time and one customer to cause a massive problem for your customers. If your company records ANY customer data and retains this data electronically, your company needs to ensure the data is secure.

Locking down access is not always so simple. You have to determine, who really needs access, where do they need access from and how to remove access once that person or program no longer should have access.

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Advance Forward Tech is here to help your business stay ahead of hackers and other malicious users. By creating a plan and monitoring the solution for your business, your business can do what it does best.

Our certified technicians will come out and discuss your unique needs and formulate an appropriate plan that works for your company. Do not just assume your company is too small to be at risk. Hackers are more and more often targeting small business.